District Heating Assessment Tool (DHAT)

The district heating system is a cornerstone in Denmark’s green and efficient energy system, and the widespread use of district heating is one of the most important reasons for how it has been possible to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions over several decades. The District Heating Assessment Tool can be used by heat planners to calculate the economic feasibility of establishing district heating in areas currently supplied by individual heating. The tool is based on Danish technical data and price projections can be adjusted, making it easy to use in different countries. The user is encouraged to vary central parameters to observe and explore the hopefully numerous benefits of district heating.

The model is developed by Ramboll for the Danish Energy Agency and is freely available to everyone interested.  The model is recommended to be used for screening projects, test simple scenarios and to support policy makers. Final heat planning projects and other investment decisions require a more detailed analysis. Although, provided accurate inputs, the model will give strong indications on whether to continue the heat planning project or follow a new direction. 

The model is a MS Excel based tool with no hidden data or VBA code – the user is free to modify all data inputs and variables – for easy access and quick overview of the model and formatted in a way, making it possible to include local conditions for a specific area. Comprehensive user guidance is provided in the report.

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Patrizia Yvonne Renoth
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