Partner Cases

On this page, you can read more about the Danish Energy Partnership Programme. Below you can find cases about the positive global effect of our partnerships on green transition and CO2 reductions.

  • Energy efficient industry in Ukraine: In 5 years, energy efficiency initiatives can reduce CO2 emissions in Ukraine equivalent to app. one-third of the annual Danish CO₂ emissions from energy consumption.
  • Flexible power plants in China: Increased flexibility provides China with green energy equivalent to the consumption of more than 7.2 million Danish households.
  • Scenario development in Vietnam: Through long-term energy planning Vietnam can make their energy system both cheaper and more sustainable, reducing CO2 emissions with up to 370 million tons annually.

About the Danish Energy Partnership Programme

In 2012, Denmark started an initiative on global action in addition to the United Nations’ climate negotiations. The global action initiative aims to reduce global CO2 emissions in accordance with the UN Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals 7 Renewable Energy and 13 Climate Action.

Denmark provides assistance to foreign governments in transforming their energy sectors to reach national targets for greenhouse gas reductions pledged at COP21. The Danish Energy Agency cooperates bilaterally with emerging and developed economies, assisting the countries in their transition away from polluting greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time maintaining stable economic growth.

Since 2012, Denmark has entered into partnerships with 16 countries consisting of China, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Ukraine, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom and Turkey. Together the countries represent more than 60 percent of the global CO2 emissions. Denmark represents 0.1 percent of global emissions.

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The world map below shows the 16 partnership countries:

World map showing partnerships countries

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