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22.12.16 Kriegers Flak Consessions Agreement signed

Today the Concessions Agreement for Kriegers Flak was signed. Additionally the licenses for preinvestigations and establishment was awarded.


10.11.2016 Historical low winning bid for the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm

This Tuesday the 8 November 2016, the Danish Energy Agency has received the best and final offers for the 600 MW Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. 

After a thorough evaluation of the offers, the Danish Energy Agency could conclude that Vattenfall Vindkraft A/S has offered the lowest price at 37.2 øre per kWh to be paid for 30 TWh

This historical low electricity price can secure the electricity consumption of more than 600.000 households and strongly contribute to the Danish target of fossil independency for 2050.

The best and final offer from Vattenfall Vindkraft A/S has now been presented to the parties behind the Energy Agreement from 2012 and is part of the ongoing political negotiations. The final decision regarding the award of the concession is expected to be taken when the political negotiation on the financing is concluded.

Read more about the historical low, winning bid.

18.10.2016 The final tender conditions for the Krigers Flak Offshore Wind Farm have just been published

The complete tender package with the Final tender conditions in both Danish and English is now available for download under Important documents and links.

29.09.2016 European Investment Bank initiates due diligence process for Kriegers Flak

The European Investment Bank has initiated its due diligence process for the Kriegers Flak Project, and bidders are welcome and encouraged to have a dialogue with EIB concerning financing options.  

29.09.2016 Update on transformer data has found necessary updating the 33/0.4kV aux. transformer data with the latest available data version. The updated data are the zero-sequence impedance and the internal grounding resistor. This updating has influence on the unbalanced short-circuit currents, such as single-phase-ground short-circuit currents, on the 33kV level and on the 0.4kV level on the platforms. Specifically, the maximum single-phase-ground short-circuit current has changed from 0.22 kA to 0.91 kA due to this data updating. does not contract or specify electrical data of the 33/0.4kV aux. transformer in such detail, but the transformer is part of the platform delivery as a whole. The transformer data can be subject to minor changes and will do the best for informing the tenderers about any relevant changes. Also the choice of the grounding resistor (or impedance) is a process which shall cooperate upon with the winning tenderer during the project later stages.

The short-circuit calculation document with necessary re-calculations by and the PowerFactory model with the necessary updating is now available. Please find it below:

08.08.2016 Appendices 6.1.1 to 6.1.3 remain unamended

Appendices 6.1.1 to 6.1.3 of the “Model licence for the construction of an electric power generating plant and internal grid” of the Tender Condition, which have been published in December 2015 are still valid. Here are the appendices in Danish and in English.

18.07.2016 Draft for final tender conditions for Krigers Flak now available in English

The complete tender package with the draft final tender conditions in both Danish and English are now available for download.

30.06.201 Draft for final tender conditions for Krigers Flak now available

A Danish draft version of the final tender conditions is now available for download. An English version will follow next week.

21.03.2016 Updated tender material for Kriegers Flak now available

The tender material is now available for download from the page published material

12.02.2016 Material from meeting at now available

The Danish Energy Agency in cooperation with hosted an information seminar for tenderers on Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm on 2nd February 2016.

At the meeting grid connection, platforms and technical issues were discussed.

The information material from the meeting is now available, please find it below.

29.01.2016 Meeting on grid connection, platforms and technical issues

On 2 February 2016 the DEA will be meeting and tenderers to discuss grid connection, platforms and technical issues regarding Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm.
The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

07.01.2016 Meet Invest in Denmark

If you as a tenderer plan to set up business in Denmark you may have questions regarding the general business environment or general energy policies in Denmark.

The DEA is happy to inform you that the DEA together with Invest in Denmark offer tenderers the opportunity to meet and share information on these topics on an informal basis. A first meeting opportunity is scheduled for January 19.

As part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Invest in Denmark is a one-stop service for foreign companies looking to set up a business in Denmark. Invest in Denmark is able to provide your company with a tailor-made solution for locating your business in Denmark. This includes connecting companies with key local contacts, arranging fact-finding tours and providing comprehensive benchmark analyses - all free of charge, and in guaranteed full confidentiality.
Please visit the web page of Invest in Denmark for more information on their services.

Please observe that the DEA will not answer any questions relating to the tender procedure at any of such meetings.  

You can find the news from before 01.01.2016 here.

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