Tender for Framework Agreement for provision of Technical Assistance services to the Danish Energy Agency Energy Country Programs and Projects

The Danish Energy Agency Country Programs and Projects will provide technical assistance combined with policy dialogue, in promotion of Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) – aiming for low carbon development and reduced CO2 emissions. The Programs and Projects will build capacity with the current partner countries which include Ukraine, Turkey, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, China, Vietnam, USA, UK and Germany and future partner countries and projects to i) provide convincing input for governmental energy, climate/low carbon policies, strategies and plans and ii) deal with implementation aspects of EE and of high shares of variable RE in the national power and heating/cooling systems in a cost-efficient manner.    

The programs and projects in the current partner countries are ongoing but are at different phases of implementation and are expected to run for the next 3-4 years. The experiences from ongoing activities in the programs and projects, as well as the technical assistance provided by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) will provide input for the future activities. The aim is to unite the earlier interventions with future activities utilising the Danish experience with energy transition, while continuing the Government-to-Government element with the partner institutions in the current partner countries as well as with future potential partner countries. There are a number of development engagements (DEs) and focus areas in each current program and project country that supports the development objectives at country level and long-term goals at program and project level. 

The objective of the consultancy framework agreement is to provide a Framework Agreement for specialist technical expertise, provided on demand to ensure that the implementing agencies can access the most appropriate knowledge and skills and benefit from the expertise and experience of international and local know-how and resource base in the country programs and projects. The specialist technical expertise is provided in such a manner that capacity of partner institutions in the program countries is enhanced including through peer-to-peer learning modalities as relevant.


Deadline for application for prequalification: November 14 2017. 09.00 CET.
Deadline for submission of bids: December 19 2017.12.00 CET.

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