China: Martin Lidegaard strengthens Sino-Danish relations on energy efficient building and green urban development in China

2. juli 2013

On June 25 2013 Martin Lidegaard, minister for Climate, Energy, and Building opened a Sino-Danish seminar on green urban development and energy efficient building in Beijing, China. The seminar was held in parallel to the minister’s official visit to China with the purpose of promoting Sino-Danish cooperation on renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings, as well as research and development in the energy field. The bilateral co-operation was given strong impetus during former Chinese president, Hu Jintao’s state visit to Denmark in June 2012.

The Chinese economy is booming and the country goes through an unprecedented urbanization as app. 15 mill persons move from the countryside to urban centres every year. This has created a boom in the construction of new buildings across China where total new square meters corre-sponding to a new Beijing or Shanghai are built each year. Today, almost half of all new square metres worldwide are built in China. At the same time China is now the world’s larges emitter of greenhouse gasses. Because of this, it is pivotal that China will focus on reducing the energy consumption in its new buildings.

Denmark has some of the world’s toughest requirements for the energy efficiency of new build-ings. Many years of experience in regulation and requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings imply that Denmark has solid and tested solutions in the field. At the same time, re-duction of the energy consumption in buildings is one of the most efficient ways to cut CO2 emissions.

”When a major player like China decides to promote energy efficiency this is of major signifi-cance. In this field Danish companies have solid experiences and are able to deliver world-class solutions for energy efficiency in buildings, retrofitting, energy efficient building components, and district heating solutions”, minister Martin Lidegaard says.

The minister for climate, energy, and building, Martin Lidegaard joined Chinese vice-minister for Housing and Rural-Urban Development, Mr. Qiu Baoxing in opening the Sino-Danish sem-inar on green urban development and energy efficiency in buildings. The purpose of the seminar was to share knowledge and experiences on low-carbon urban development, regulation of energy efficient buildings, as well as technical solutions. In this way knowledge sharing be-tween Denmark and China will be strengthened as it provides officials, experts, and private companies greater knowledge on solutions for low energy building in Denmark and China.

At the seminar a number of Danish and Chinese players from research institutions and compa-nies provided presentations including:

  • Anders Højgaard Kristensen, Danish Energy Agency
  • Li Lurong, Beijing commission of housing and urban-rural development
  • Thomas Solgaard Sørensen, COWI
  • Chen Yong, Tianjin city investment group
  • Rasmus Duong-Grunnet, Schmidt Hammer Lassen
  • Kim Wittchen, Danish Building Research Institute
  • Wang Zhen, Qinghuangdao WuXing Realestate
  • Anders Thomsen, Danish Institute for Technology
  • Xin Tan, WB/GEF project management office
  • Alfred Che, Danfoss China
  • Xu Hong Tao, Rockwool

In connection to the seminar a joint publication on energy efficiency in buildings has been de-veloped in cooperation between the Danish Energy Agency and the Ministry for Housing and Rural-Urban Development.

Read the publication.
During his visit Martin Lidegaard also had the opportunity to break the ground for the Nanjing Green Lighthouse, a building inspired by the Copenhagen Green Lighthouse. The Najing Green Lighthouse will be a CO2 neutral building located in a special green urban development zone in Nanjing – Nanjing High Tech Zone, where seven Danish companies have signed a contract for the development of a life-science-park. The building is planned to be completed by summer 2014. The Nanjing High Tech Zone will also host the Youth Olympics in 2014.

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