New Energy Islands

The construction of two energy islands will be the beginning of a new era for future development of Danish offshore wind. 


20. June 2022
The Danish Energy Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark launch www.offshorewindtour.org to share Danish experiences with offshore wind accelerating offshore wind globally.
25. March 2022
The Danish Energy Agency will host a market dialogue for potential bidders and businesses regarding the need for deeper geotechnical data for the energy island in the North Sea.
Figure: Danish Energy Agency.
1. December 2021
Thor Wind Farm I/S has won the concession to build Thor Offshore Wind Farm. This is the first time a tendering procedure has been completed for offshore wind energy in Denmark without aid. When power is produced, the winner is expected to pay DKK 2.8 bn. to the Danish state within just a few years.
Figure: Danish Energy Agency.
25. November 2021
The Danish Energy Agency invites a number of bidders to draw lots to identify the winner for Thor Offshore Wind Farm, as more than one bidder has offered the minimum price of 0,01 øre/kWh and largest wind farm capacity.
Beijing. Photo: Colourbox
10. November 2021
In 2060, wind and solar power will supply more than 90 per cent of the energy needed for the Chinese society, and coal will be out. The China Energy Transformation Outlook 2021 summary presents pathways for achieving China’s targets to peak CO2 emissions before 2030 and reach carbon neutrality before 2060. Besides the shift to renewables, energy efficiency will be a key pillar to decouple energy demand from Chinas economic growth.