We are delivering Denmark’s Energy Islands

The energy islands in the North and Baltic Sea are some of the largest construction projects in the history of Denmark. These islands provide the possibility to phase out fossil fuels and play a decisive role in advancing the green transition in both Denmark and Europe.


16. December 2022
On 16 December 2022, the Danish Energy Agency has issued permits to the Danish TSO, Energinet, regarding initiation of preliminary site investigations in the Kattegat II and Kriegers Flak II areas as well as the new location chosen for the Hesselø offshore wind farm.
14 spots located for offshore wind in the Gulf of Mannar. Source: From the report "Maritime Spacial Planning for Offshore Wind Parks in Tamil Nadu". See link below.
23. November 2022
The Danish Energy Agency and the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy have published a conceptual plan with a pipeline identifying 15 locations for offshore wind in India. The conceptual plan provides substantial inputs to the current stakeholder dialogue on the recently released draft tender document from the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
Visualisation of the North Sea Energy Island. Please note that the scope, appearance and exact features of the island have not yet been determined (©Danish Energy Agency).
10. October 2022
Following a political agreement, the construction of the North Sea Energy Island – one of the largest projects in Danish history – now enters into a new phase. The tender material and competitive dialogue kicks off next Spring.
10. October 2022
Supplementary 5-weeks public hearing on the sea-based part of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the plan for Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm (OWF).
4. October 2022
On 15 August 2022, the Danish Energy Agency opened the first tender of licenses for storage of CO2 in the Danish subsoil in the North Sea. At the end of the tender, the DEA has received two applications.