We are delivering Denmark’s Energy Islands

The energy islands in the North and Baltic Sea are some of the largest construction projects in the history of Denmark. These islands provide the possibility to phase out fossil fuels and play a decisive role in advancing the green transition in both Denmark and Europe.


29. September 2022
The emissions from the gas leaks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines may in worst case be equivalent to approximately 32 per cent of annual Danish CO2-emissions.
Illustration: Prohibitive Zone marked by yellow.
26. September 2022
A leak has been discovered Monday from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea. The Danish Maritime Authority has released a navigational warning and established a prohibitive no sail zone around the area.
Billede: Energistyrelsen
9. September 2022
The Danish Energy Agency has made an English version of the tender material for Denmark’s first tender of licenses for investigation and CO2 storage available on its website.
The tendered area in the North Sea on the Danish continental shelf, where it is possible to apply for licenses for investigation of and storage of CO2.
12. August 2022
Today the Danish Energy Agency will publish an invitational letter stating that from 15 August 2022 it is possible to apply for licenses for investigation of and storage of CO2 in an area of the North Sea.
10. August 2022
The Danish Energy Agency invites all interested parties to a briefing on the upcoming call for applications for exploration and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage permits.