We are delivering Denmark’s Energy Islands

The energy islands in the North and Baltic Sea are some of the largest construction projects in the history of Denmark. These islands provide the possibility to phase out fossil fuels and play a decisive role in advancing the green transition in both Denmark and Europe.


Images of the object adjacent to the Nord Stream pipeline – on the seabed and after salvage. Source: Ministry of Defence.
29. March 2023
The salvage of the object adjacent to Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been completed.
The object is cylindrical and is about 40 cm tall and 10 cm in diameter. It is possible that the object is a maritime smoke buoy. This will be further examined.
Source: The Danish Ministry of Defence.
23. March 2023
The Danish Energy Agency has invited the owner of the pipeline, Nord Stream 2 AG, to participate in the operation to salvage the observed object near the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
15. March 2023
The permit is issued to Energinet who will begin the collection of relevant data and information in the area in second quarter of 2023.
Image: Danish Energy Agency.
6. March 2023
The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) calls for ideas on the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the plan for Offshore Wind Farms (OWF) in the areas Nordsøen I, Kattegat II and Kriegers Flak II.
Illustration: Danish Energy Agency
6. February 2023
The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has now evaluated the applications and has recommended the Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities to award the first three (3) exclusive licenses for exploration of full-scale CO2 storage in the Danish North Sea to TotalEnergies and a consortium consisting of INEOS E&P and Wintershall DEA. The licenses are an important step towards realizing Denmark’s CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) strategy and will kick start the plan for the development of full-scale CO2 storage in Denmark.