China: Danish green tech company gives workshop on energy modelling software in China

The Sino-Danish energy cooperation can also provide a platform for companies that are trying to get into the Chinese green tech market. EMD International specialises in advanced Danish energy modelling and optimisation software and is now demonstrating their products in China.

The Sino-Danish cooperation between the Danish Energy Agency and China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) has provided EMD International, a Danish green tech company, with an opportunity to demonstrate and test their advanced software, energyPRO, on the Chinese energy sector.

As part of the Sino-Danish cooperation a training workshop was held at CNREC in Beijing on 10-12 December 2014. At the workshop the Danish company EMD International, who specialises in complex software solutions, demonstrated and gave training in their unique energy optimisation software to CNREC’s experts. CNREC acts as think tank that provides policy suggestion to the Chinese political processes within the field of renewable energy and the energy model software will be part of the CNREC model suite.

The energyPRO software will play an important part in CNREC’s on-going work to develop strategies, action plans and policy suggestions that encourage and promote the use of renewable energy in China, both as part of a larger scenario modelling programme at CNREC, but also as part of the think tank’s tool box for planning and implementing demonstration projects.

Advanced and user-friendly energy software

The software is developed by EMD International and can model and simulate individual energy plants both existing plants and energy plants being planned.  Anders N. Andersen, Head of the Energy Systems Department at EMD International, recognises the Chinese market potential for the software that is very commonly used in Denmark, both among consultants and at individual CHP plants.

 “energyPRO is widely known for its many possibilities and because the software is very user-friendly it is even easy for beginners to make complex and detailed analyses,” says Anders N. Andersen and continues,

“Denmark and China are front runners in the field of green technology and both countries are involved in the development of green energyDenmark’s cooperation with CNREC is a fantastic opportunity to the Danish-Chinese cooperation within renewable energy.”

Even though that CNREC is the first to have a license for the software in China the software has already been applied in several projects all over the world for more than 20 years by energy companies, consultancy firms, academic institutions and others.

More information on the software is available here:

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