The Danish Energy Agency publishes Plan for Program Bornholm Energy Island

13. May 2024

Plan for Program Bornholm Energy Island sets the framework for the future Energy Island at Bornholm and the adjacent coastal areas. Bornholm Energy Island consist of an offshore wind farm south of Bornholm as well as high-voltage installations on Bornholm and Zealand. The energy island will have a capacity of up to 3.8 GW and will thus play an important role in the phasing out of fossil energy sources.

Based on a strategic environmental assessment of the plan and consultation responses received, the Danish Energy Agency has assessed that it is possible to adopt the Plan for Program Bornholm Energy Island.

In the process, the Danish Energy Agency has adjusted the planning areas to accommodate environmental issues and planning restrictions in the area, such as bird protection areas, defense areas and ship traffic routes.

As part of the process, the Danish Energy Agency has held a number of public meetings in 2021, 2022 and 2023 in connection with consultation periods, where the public, stakeholders and authorities have submitted ideas, proposals, concerns and asked questions about the draft plan and the environmental assessment.

The plan sets the overall framework for future construction projects for Bornholm Energy Island. The plan alone does not allow for the construction of facilities.

The Danish Energy Agency's decision can be appealed to the Energy Complaints Board for a 4-week period until June 10th 2024.

Read more about the planning and environmental assessment process for Bornholm Energy Island and find the appeal instructions here.

Plan and summary statement
According to the Environmental Assessment Act (LBK no. 4 of 03/01/2023), the Danish Energy Agency has prepared a summary statement. The purpose of the summary report is to describe, among other things, how environmental considerations are integrated into the plan and how the environmental report and consultation responses have been taken into account.

The further process
Land facilities: In parallel with the Danish Energy Agency's planning and environmental assessment process, Energinet, which is the developer of Bornholm Energy Island’s onshore facilities, is carrying out an environmental assessment for the facilities on Zealand and Bornholm, as well as submarine cables between the two station facilities.

Read more on Energinet's website about Energinet's environmental impact assessment of the land facilities.

Offshore tender: The Danish Energy Agency is currently preparing the upcoming tender for offshore wind for Bornholm Energy Island.

Read more about the tender proces for Bornholm Energy Island here.

The background for Bornholm Energy Island

  • The decision to establish Bornholm Energy Island stems from the climate agreement from June 22nd 2020, which was concluded by the former government (Social Democrats), the Liberal Party, the Danish People's Party, the Social Liberal Party, the Green Left, the Red-Green Alliance, the Conservative Party, Liberal Alliance and the Alternative.
  • In 2022, the government and the signatory parties to the agreement agreed to expand Bornholm Energy Island from 2 to 3 GW. In spring 2023, the current government and the signatory parties then entered into an additional agreement that sets the tender framework for the 3 GW at Bornholm Energy Island, with the possibility of 800 MW overplanting.

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