EUDP awards 85 million DKK from the special pool for development of 2nd generation (cellulosic) bioethanol

The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP) now supports two projects, that combined comprises research, development and demonstration of new technology for production of 2nd generation bioethanol for transportation. BioGasols demonstration project BornBioFuel on Bornholm, is granted 78.19 million DKK, while a related research and development project, lead by Aalborg University, is awarded 6.81 million DKK.

BioGasols technology contains very promising perspectives towards the emerging global market for 2nd generation bioethanol production technology. The plant, which will be installed at Aakirkeby on the island of Bornholm, will be able to produce energy products of high value, based on a large variety of low value raw material from the local farming sector etc. The grant awarded to BioGasol follows in extension of the EFP (Energy Research Program) grant from December and is given under the condition that the processes in the current project, turn out to be as effective as expected. Furthermore BioGasol must raise the necessary own financing for the project and finally the EU-commission must approve the grant.

The research at Aalborg University will contribute to further develop and optimize the processes, which are a part of the BornBioFuel project, while simultaneously achieving the first and completely necessary experience with the processes at large scale through the Bornholm project.

With the two new projects, the special pool of 200 million DKK for development of 2nd generation bioethanol has now been awarded. From the special pool, BioGasol (27.5 million DKK) and Inbicon (76.7 million DKK), who are constructing a plant at Asnæsværket in Kalundborg, have previously received grants. Finally the company Terranol has received a grant (11.25 million DKK) for an industrial research project within the field of development of new yeast types for conversion of straw to ethanol.

The supported projects combined cover a wide spectrum of promising and market oriented concepts within the field of 2nd generation bioethanol.

Title Applicant

mill DKK

Optimization of the BornBioFuels 2 G bioethanol conceptAalborg Universitet

 (55 %)*

BornBioFuel 2: A fully integrated 2nd generation demonstration plant on the island of Bornholm based on the Maxifuel
ConceptBioGasol Aps

 (38.3 %)*



* of the total project expenditures

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