Exploration for hydrocarbons in new area in the Danish North Sea

DONG E&P has applied for a licence for oil and gas exploration in the Danish North Sea. The area applied for is neighbouring licence 4/98, confer map.

The application signals the oil companies sustained interest in exploring for oil and gas in the Danish North Sea.

The Minister for Climate and Energy has decided to initiate a procedure giving the holders of licences for the adjoining areas opportunity to submit applications for a licence for exploration for and production of hydrocarbons covering the area.

The Danish Energy Agency therefore invites all holders of a licence to adjoining areas to submit an application for a licence before 2 May.

Background on the procedure
The Danish Subsoil Act opens opportunity for granting a licence for exploration for and production of hydrocarbons to holders of an adjoining licence in cases where a prospect or discovery extents into open area. Given that the before mentioned conditions are fulfilled all licence holders to adjoining areas are invited to also submit an application.

Map of the area

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