The Danish Energy Agency publishes Discussion Paper II about the Energy Island in the North Sea

24. September 2021

Today, the Danish Energy Agency publishes Discussion Paper II as part of the second market dialogue regarding the procurement framework for the construction and co-ownership of the Energy Island in the North Sea

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) invites potential tenderers and relevant market operators to participate in the second market dialogue on the coming tender regarding the construction and co-ownership of the Energy Island in the North Sea (Energy Island).

Purpose and focus of the market dialogue

The market dialogue is an important part of the DEA’s preparations for the coming procurement procedure for the construction and co-ownership of the Energy Island. The dialogue is an opportunity for potential tenderers to discuss the expected main elements of the tender as well as providing the DEA with useful inputs and recommendations.

The DEA has published Discussion Paper II with a range of relevant themes to be touched upon during this market dialogue. The Paper is based on initial analyses, planning assumptions as well as elements that have already been politically decided. Whilst the DEA is confident in describing the principal outline of the coming project and processes, it must be recognised that the project remains a work in progress and that changes may occur. Answers and comments to questions raised during this market dialogue will be included in the further decision-making processes.

In order for the coming procurement framework for the construction and co-ownership of the Energy Island to target the relevant tenderers, the DEA wishes to learn from the market dialogue how to optimise the timetable, how the co-ownership should best be structured, how an artificial island could be constructed, and how the project as a whole will become a profitable investment for both the commercial co-owner and the Danish State. In this way, the framework for the procurement can be optimised in order for the Danish State to receive good and qualified tenders.

Participation in the market dialogue

Written comments and answers to the questions and topics raised in the discussion paper must be submitted by e-mail to the DEA at no later than 15 October 2021 at 12:00 noon.

The DEA requests that written comments and answers are precise and to the point and that a summary of your main comments is included in your reply. Furthermore, the DEA requests that a short description of your interest in the project is included in your reply (i.e. whether you are a potential tenderer or otherwise interested in the project).

The DEA has made a template that could be used for submission of your reply[1]. If another format is used, please insert references to the questions answered.

If potential tenderers request confidentiality of certain information for competition reasons, the DEA will be able to meet such requests, provided that they do not infringe the obligations of the Freedom of Information Act (Access to Public Administration Files Act), the Danish Public Administration Act and the Environmental Information Act and the Public Procurement rules, in particular the principles of equal treatment and transparency. Information received will under no circumstances be used in any way to provide competitive advantages to a single market player.

he indicative timetable for the further process of this Market Dialogue II

24 September 2021 This “Discussion Paper II” is made available on Energy island in the North Sea | Energistyrel-sen (
15 October 2021 at 12:00 noon Deadline for submission of written comments and answers to the questions raised in Dis-cussion Paper II.
18 October 2021 The DEA will submit invitations to dialogue meetings to selected participants

After the launch of the Discussion Paper II, the DEA will inform about the extent of bilateral meetings with invited participants. This will be announced on the website for the market dialogue, and the exact date for meeting the selected participant will be communicated directly.

The Discssion Paper II is available on the DEA website here.

For more information on the DEA tender, please visit our website Energy island in the North Sea | Energistyrelsen ( where you can also sign up for the newsletter regarding the market dialogue.


Ture Falbe-Hansen
Head of Press (+45) 2513 7846

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