Energy island in the North Sea

A broad majority of the Danish Parliament agreed on June 22 2020 to initiate the realization of two energy islands. On February 4th, the parties behind the climate agreement decided on the ownership and construction type of the energy island in the North Sea, which will be built as an artificial or caisson island where the state will have the majority of the ownership. The energy island will connect and distribute power from the surrounding offshore wind farms. The island will have a minimum capacity of 3 GW, with potential for expansion to 10 GW offshore wind. The offshore wind farms in connection to the energy island in the North Sea will be tendered out at a later time.

The island will be considered critical infrastructure, and it has been decided that the state will have a majority ownership in collaboration with one or more private actors. This is intended to enable facilitation of private competences in regard to project development, technology and finance, and contribute to innovation and green export.

The Danish Energy Agency plans to start the tendering procedure in autumn 2023, with the announcement of the winner of the tender in August 2025.

The energy island is to be located west of Jutland in the North Sea at a distance of approx. 80 km from the town of Thorsminde.

The energy island will be able to serve offshore wind farms with a capacity of 3 GW with the option of expansion to 10 GW at a later stage and will become the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark.

A timetable and further information will follow on this website.

As the process progresses a large number of documents will be made available for download, e.g. relevant tendering material, results of the site-investigations and the environmental studies. Find current reports (only available in Danish) and more information

In the “News from the Energy Island in the North Sea” section below, we will keep you updated when a new document or other information is added to the website.

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