Energy Savings

Energy Savings

In the past 25 years, Denmark has achieved great reductions in energy consumption and significantly improved our energy efficiency. This is due to a dedicated effort from private companies, public institutions and the consumers, among other things.
By reducing the energy consumption, Denmark gains a number of benefits:

  • We reduce the impact on climate and environment
  • We become less exposed to fluctuations in energy prices
  • We strengthen our security of energy supply
  • We improve the foundation for complying with our international climate obligations

Political agreement provides the framework

The Energy Agreement from 2012 provides the overall framework for the Danish energy policy. According to the agreement, Denmark must have reduced total energy consumption by seven percent in 2020, compared to the energy consumption in 2010. The long-term goal of the agreement is that Danish energy supply becomes independent from fossil fuels by 2050.

Focus on energy reductions in buildings

Today, almost 40 percent of Denmark’s total energy consumption is related to buildings. And there is still significant potential for reducing that consumption.
The means of turning the potential into actual savings are, first and foremost, minimum energy performance standards in the building code. But energy taxes and a number of other policies also play a part.