Key figures

Key figures - Denmark - 2014

Gross Energy Consumption and Final Energy Consumption

Gross Energy Consumption 755 PJ
Gross Energy Consumption per Capita 134 GJ
Energy Intensity, Gross Energy Consumption 415 GJ/Million DKK
Final Energy Consumption 608 PJ
Final Energy Consumption per Capita 608 GJ
Energy Intensity, Final Energy Consumption /GDP 334 GJ/Million DKK
Population 5,7 Million
GDP (2000-prices) 1818 Billion DKK


Degree of Self-sufficiency

Total Degree ofSelf-sufficiency 90 %
Dependency of Oil 127 %
Share of Oil in Gross Energy Consumption 37 %


Renewable Energy - Share of Gross Energy Consumption

RE-share of final energy Consumption 28,5 %
RE-share of Total Electricity Consumption 53,4 %


Electricity supply system

Electricity Capacity 13,657 MV
Wind Turbine Capacity - Share of Total Electricity Capacity 35,8 %
CHP Production - Share of Total Thermal Electricity  61,1 %
CHP Production - Share of Total District Heating Production 68,9 %


COemissions from energy sector

CO2 Emissions  per Capita 7,3 Tonnes
CO2 Emissions per kWh Electricity Sold kWh 401 Gram/kWh
CO2 Emissions per Consumed Unit of District Heating 35 kg. pr. GJ


Annual Reporting to the IEA/Eurostat/UN

The Danish Energy Agency reports annual statistics on energy supply and consumption of fuels to the IEA/Eurostat/UN. The file International Reporting contains information on 41 fuels and covers the period 1990-2014.

International Reporting (.xls)