Technology catalogues

Technology Catalogues

For the purpose of assessing developments in the climate and energy sector, there is a need for techno economic data for a range of technologies. These data is compiled in Technology Catalogues, which are published and regularly updated by the Danish Energy Agency. The data in the Technology Catalogues represents general representative techno-economic values for technologies. The assumptions in the Technology Catalogues should not be the basis for final specific investment decisions. In specific projects, there may be significant variations from the data provided in the Technology Catalogues, so specific assessments of costs and other factors should be made for a given single project whenever possible. The Technology Data of technologies relevant for municipal heat planning (kollektiv varmeforsyning) shall be used for project assessments if it is not possible to obtain and document more specific or comparable offers or key figures from similar ongoing projects. This is described in more detail in the Guidance to socioeconomic analyses on energy. Find the guideline on the subpage of Socio-economic Assessments.

The Technology Catalogues cover existing technologies, technologies under economic and technological development as well as technologies at the experimental stage, with emphasis placed on the first two categories. 
Using the Danish Energy Agency’s model for calculating levelized cost of electricity (LCoE) it is possible to compare costs across different technologies. 

The model can be found here: 

Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) Calculator

The Technology Catalogues are continuously created and updated through an open process, where stakeholders are typically involved in consultations on new or revised draft chapters. In special cases, a workshop is held as part of the process, and relevant stakeholders are invited to participate. The method when updating the Technology Catalogues is described here:

Memo regarding process and organization of the work with the Danish Technology catalogue

If you wish to receive information concerning external consultations of draft chapters or do you have other inquiries, please write an email to the contact person indicated at the bottom of the page. There may be different contacts for each Technology Catalogue.

The Technology Catalogues are separated into eight different categories:


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