Facts about Offshore Wind Power

Wind power is one of the most widespread kinds of renewable energy in Denmark. 

At the same time wind power is the kind of renewable energy that has come furthest in terms of being competitive with other energy technologies. Wind turbines can either be installed onshore or offshore, i.e. at sea. 

Today, nearly half of the Danish electricity production derives from wind turbines. Furthermore, onshore wind turbines are one of the cheapest ways to expand power production.

Therefore, wind power plays an important role in the transformation of the energy system, which shall ensure that Denmark will no longer be dependent on fossil fuels in 2050. 

Offshore wind: Pioneer industry developed in Denmark

Offshore wind energy was developed on the basis of the Danish success with onshore wind power. Denmark was the first country in the world to install an offshore wind farm, which was the wind farm Vindeby close to Lolland. 

Horns Rev 1, the first large scale wind farm, was installed in 2002.  

A subcategory of offshore wind turbines is the nearshore wind turbines, which are installed closer to the coastline. 

Technical Certification Scheme

Executive Order on a technical certification scheme for wind turbines


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