The Danish National Waste Register

Registration as foreign waste-conveyors in Denmark

Pursuant to Statutory Order on the National Waste Register foreign waste conveyors, brokers and dealers must be registered in the Danish National Waste Register before they can work with waste in Denmark.

For registration in the Danish Waste Register please find the log-in for foreign companies in the very left menu bar on the website the National Waste Register . Use Internet Explorer or Firefox for the registration.

Read more about the Waste Register (in Danish)

English guide to register

German speakers can download this guide on registration in the Waste Register (in German)

Admission charge

There is an admission charge for registering in the Waste Register and an annual fee to remain on the register. Find the Current fees here in the last field at this page under “Gebyrsatser – Affaldsregistret (for English scroll to the bottom).

There are no charges for changing details of your registration. If you want to make changes to your registration you can log in again and submit changes to your registration. Please be aware that all information submitted must be correct. 

Find waste carriers

You can find a list of waste conveyors in the Danish National Waste Register. Choose 'Transportør' from the list “Type”. All waste conveyors are in alphabetical order and it's the easiest way to search a company.


The Statutory Order on the National Waste Register does not allow a registration in the National Waste Register for one conveyor of waste to be extended to subcontractors. This is true for both Danish and foreign companies. If a conveyor of waste makes a contractual agreement with another company regarding the transportation of specific shipment of waste, the second company is then a conveyor of waste and therefore must be registered in the National Waste Register.

Thus, it is the company actually carrying out the transportation of waste which is legally required to be registered in the National Waste Register. Therefore ALL conveyors of waste Danish as well as foreign with their own convey permit are required to register in the National Waste Register.


Fees (2021)


First registration fee as of January 1, 2021

Annually recurrent fee as of January 1, 2021

Collection company with or without pre-treatment 

DKK 1.510

DKK 1.560

DKK 840


Registration: DKK 1.560

DKK 840

Dealer, broker

DKK 1.560

DKK 840

* Fees are paid pr. VAT-number and registered categories

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