Energy infomaps

Biogas producers in Denmark, 2020

The map illustrates location and plant type as well as the size of the production. Plants under construction are included. 

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Power production and transmission in Denmark, 2019

Most recent map of the Danish power infrastructure, including the main components of the transmission network, production sites, and the direct current (DC) connections to Norway, Sweden and Germany.

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Heating in Denmark, 2020

Map of heating in Denmark, including district heating networks, natural gas networks and heat producing installations. 

Downlod map of heating

CHP and power plants  - solid biofuels 2018

Map of CHP and power plants in Denmark and which plants who uses biofuels in their production.

Download map of CHP and power plants 

Overview map of the Danish power infrastructure in 1985 and 2015

The maps show Denmarks power producers and interconnectors in 1985 and 2015 respectively. This clearly shows the development from central to decentral power production in Denmark.

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Power Distribution Companies, 2020

Most recent map of power distribution companies in Denmark.

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