Overview of the energy sector

Master Data Register of Wind Turbines

The Master Data Register of Wind Turbines is a national database which contains all Danish power producing wind turbines > 6 kW. The Register has information on location, technical specifications and output for each wind turbine.

Data from the Register in Excel format

Data from the Register are available in Excel format. The table contains technical data, X-, Y-coordinates and power output data of all wind turbines. The data are organized in two groups: one of operating and one of decommissioned wind turbines.

The Register contains annual production data and monthly data for the current year. As to monthly production data for earlier years see link at the bottom of the site.

The Danish Energy Agency is migrating data to a new database. Due to challenges during this process, the current version of productiondata is temporary.

Data on operating and decommissioned wind turbines (ultimo 01 2022). Uploaded March 17 2022.

Table of wind power facilities (ultimo 01 2022). Uploaded March 17 2022.

Please note that the Register is a “live” Register and that data are continuously updated. Therefore, differences from previously published data may occur. There may be changes both in technical data, the date for the original connection to the grid or for the decommissioning and in production data. However, at aggregated levels the changes are often minor.

From January 2019 the production data in the Register also includes the share of turbines electricity production that may be consumed locally, and therefore doesn’t enter the power network. This share of the production is already included in the Energy Statistics and therefore in Denmark’s total wind production. Including this share of the power production  in the Register brings  better accordance with the Statistics. In January 2019 the locally consumed share of the electricity production of wind turbines was about 600,000 kWh.

The X-, Y coordinates in the Register are a combination of coordinates from GeoDenmark data, supplied by the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE) and regularly updated, together with older coordinates from the Danish Geodata Agency (Feb 2013), added  coordinates from the original master data where other sources are not available. The origins of the coordinates are shown in the table.

At www.vindinfo.dk there is, among other things, a map of Denmark's wind turbines.

Wind Power Output Monthly Data

Monthly data 2002-2020

Regular data updating

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) updates the Register’s data once a month in conformity with data extracts from the power distribution companies. Monthly data are available on the DEA’s website with approximately one month’s delay.

Background for the Register

The Master Data Register has been established by the DEA in corporation with Energinet and the power distribution companies.

The Register is used for administration, statistics and price control including full-load hour assessment and has been established in accordance with EU Directive 2001/77/EC of 27 September 2001on the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity market.

Regarding the data

The data regarding the turbines’ technical specifications and power output are based on reports received from the power distribution companies.

The data are updated regularly and the updates include, among other things:

  • New and decommissioned wind turbines
  • Changes in information on operating turbines
  • New and adjusted information on power output

Each record in the register contains information on one specific wind turbine. A group of e.g. 5 wind turbines connected to the same meter must be reported as 5 distinct wind turbines, i.e. 5 separate records in the register. 

It is mandatory for owners to report information on each individual wind turbine.

A precise definition of each column in the register can be seen in the description of contents.

Regarding data quality

Some of the data in the Register may be inaccurate and/or incomplete. Therefore, the DEA continuously works on improving data quality.


The DEA, or other data suppliers, shall not be responsible for any errors or delays due to force majeure, including errors or delays due to strikes or lockouts, and neither for direct or indirect losses or consequential damage to the customer or any joint contractors of the customer caused by the said events.


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See data on the danish oil and gas production and read the Danish Energy Agency's annual report on Denmarks oil and gas production.  

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