Promoting onshore wind power

The Danish Energy Agency works in various ways to promote the development of onshore wind power. The Danish Energy Agency administers a number of rules and schemes, including previously offered subsidy and support schemes, schemes to promote local acceptance of the expansion of renewable energy, technical legal requirements for wind turbines, grid connection rules, etc. In Denmark, the municipalities are the planning authority for the installation of onshore wind turbines.

Schemes to promote local acceptance of renewable energy

The Act on the Promotion of Renewable Energy contains four schemes aiming at promoting the acceptance of the local population of the development of wind turbines and solar PV installations. The schemes are administered by the Danish Energy Agency.

The four schemes

  • The Loss of property value scheme allows neighbors and local citizens to be compensated by the RE plant owner for the value loss of their property caused by wind turbines and solar PV.
  • The Acquisition option scheme gives the nearest homeowners the right to sell their residential property to the RE plant owner, if there is an assessed loss of value of more than 1%.
  • The Bonus Scheme entitles the nearest neighbors to RE plants to receive an annual bonus based on the production of the plant and paid by the RE plant owner.
  • The Green fund scheme obliges RE plant owners to pay a lump sum to a fund administered by the municipality in which the plant is installed. The fund is allocated to the local community.

In addition, the Guarantee Fund provides a guarantee to local communities for the financing of feasibility studies etc. in relation to the installation of wind turbines or solar PV.



Support for onshore wind turbines - from application rounds to competitive technology neutral tenders

The Danish Energy Agency administers previous support schemes for both household wind turbines, larger onshore wind turbines, and test wind turbines within and outside the national test centers.

Over the years, there has been a movement from support schemes offering a fixed tariff to a tender-based support scheme where RE-technologies (wind, solar, hydro, and wave energy) competed on the price. In short, funding was awarded to the projects that could deliver renewable electricity at the lowest cost. The last tender took place in 2021. Today, support is no longer granted for new onshore wind capacity and the technology, therefore, operates on market terms. However, investment aid schemes are still available for test wind turbines.

Overview of the wind turbine installation process

The Danish Energy Agency has developed a website with information on the process for establishing renewable energy plants, including onshore wind turbines. The website, which is aimed at professional developers, provides a detailed step-by-step guide to the process and the permits required to install renewable energy plants. is the entry for the national contact point and is part of the implementation of Article 16 of the Renewable Energy Directive (EU/2018/2001) (Only available in Danish)



Onshore wind power and solar PV