PCI – Projects of Common European Interest

In October 2023, the Danish Energy Agency published a procedure manual aimed at assisting project promoters involved in PCI projects in gaining an understanding of the permit granting process in Denmark.

The purpose of the PCI procedure manual is to aid project promoters in gaining an overview of the authorization processes for projects of common interest in the trans-European energy infrastructure.

The manual outlines the general authorization process for PCI projects and describes eight specific areas, providing descriptions of the processes within each area, necessary permissions, and relevant legislation that project promoters should keep in mind.

Read the procedure manual


Regulation (EU) No. 869/2022 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2022 on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure, etc., stipulates in Article 9(1) that Member States must publish a procedure manual on the authorization processes for projects of common European interest.

The procedure manual conveys the information outlined in Chapter 3 and Annex VI of the TEN-E Regulation, which may be relevant to PCI projects in Denmark.

The European Commission’s website provides more information on projects of common European interest. The website also provides information on CEF financing, selection criteria, and more.

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