Technology Data

Technology Data

When assessing the development trends in the climate and energy related fields, there is a need for data for a range of technologies. These data are collected in technology catalogues which are published regularly by the Danish Energy Agency and Energinet. The Technology Data are general values and specific investment decisions should not be based on these data.

The Technology Data features existing technologies, technologies in economic and technological development and technologies still at an experimental stage, though with emphasis on the first two categories. If you’re interested in our work, you can sign up for our quarterly news letter. This gives an insight in recently published material and an overview of published and planned work. You can find the news letter here:

Newsletter for Technology Catalogue

With the Danish Energy Agency’s model for levelized cost of electricity (LCoE) it is possible to compare costs across different technologies.

The model can be found here: 

Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) Calculator

The Technology Data are updated regularly in collaboration with external stakeholders. The method when updating the Technology Data is described here:

Memo regarding process and organization of the work with the Danish Technology catalogue

The Technology Data are separated into seven different categories:

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