New Energy Islands

The construction of two energy islands will be the beginning of a new era for future development of Danish offshore wind. 


Kiev, Ukraine. Photo: Colourbox
The Ukrainian-Danish government cooperation is now embarking on a new five-year programme. The programme has a special focus on long-term energy planning, energy efficiency and district heating, where there is great potential for reducing both Ukraine's energy consumption and imports of fossil fuels.
Photo: Unsplash
Today, around a third of the world's energy is used on heating and cooling. Especially in China, the potential for green heating is huge. Based on this, UNEP DTU Partnership and the Danish Energy Agency are entering into a new cooperation agreement on district heating in China.
Foto: Lars Schmidt / schmidtaps.com
The Danish Energy Agency kicks off the tender process for the forthcoming technology neutral tender with the release of the tender documents. The forthcoming technology neutral tender will be held in the autumn 2021.
Figure: Danish Energy Agency.
There is a need to analyze the results of the preliminary site investigation further as soft clay formations have been found in the upper 20-30 meters below the seabed.
Figure: Danish Energy Agency.
The Danish Energy Agency is now publishing the final tender conditions for Denmark's largest offshore wind farm, Thor Offshore Wind Farm. With this announcement the last phase of the tender process begins, and this phase ends with a final bid deadline November 8. 2021 for the six bidders.