Danish Energy Agency’s Global Cooperation provides three types of informative documents in collaboration with relevant experts:

  1. Fact sheets
    The content is short and often contains a factbox or chart/graph. The objective of these short publications is giving the reader brief insight on an area, i.e. a specific project or sector.
  2. Leaflets
    Leaflets are more comprehensive than the fact sheets and are based on general areas. There are leaflets on every one of the country cooperations, as well as an introduction to the Danish Energy Model etc.
  3. Publications
    The publications from Global Cooperation are detailed products of communication around a specific area, i.e. offshore wind turbines.

Country Cooperation


Renewable Energy Participation in the power market

Leaflet: The Joint Danish-Chinese Cooperation 

Fact sheet: Sino-Danish Pilot Project on District Heating and Energy Efficiency Improvements in China

Fact sheet: China Baicheng Pilot Project
(also in Chinese)

Fact sheet: China Component 2 RED

Fact sheet: China Harbin Pilot Project

Fact sheet: China Solar Power

Fact sheet: CNREC

Fact sheet: The ‘China Thermal Power Transition’ Program

Fact sheet: Combined heat and power

Fact sheet: Wind Power in China

Fact Sheet: Strategic Sector Cooperation in Quality Offshore Wind Energy

Publication: Power markets and power sector planning in Europe - Lessons learnt for China

Publication: The ‘China Thermal Power Transition’ Program

Publication: China International Forum on Energy Transformation
(Also available in Chinese)

Publication: Flexibility in the Power System

The Three Region Report

Translated into Chinese

Leaflet: Quality Wind - Improving Performance of Wind Turbines

Leaflet: Quality of Wind Power - How does quality affect the cost of electricity generation from wind power?

Leaflet: The Danish Energy Model 

Fact sheet: China Baicheng Pilot Project 

Fact sheet: Scenario Studies - Danish expertise supports China’s renewable energy expansion 

Factsheet: Offshore Wind in Denmark setting new global price record 

Fact sheet: Danish Malting Group 

Fact sheet: Novozymes

Publication: China International Forum on Energy Transformation

Publication: Energy Policy Toolkit for Energy Efficiency in Industries 

Publication: Green Urban Denmark 

Publication: District Heating - Danish experiences

Publication: Regulation and Planning of District Heating in Denmark

Publication: Offshore Wind Development 

Publication: Green Energy -  Summary of the work, results and recommendations of the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy in 2010

Publication: District Energy - Energy efficiency for urban areas

The Three Region Report - Chinese summery

Sector Information

Energy Efficiency


EEiErhverv.Energy Management. Viking Malt

EEiErhverv.Evaporation, Drying and Distillation.Arla Foods

EEiErhverv.Evaporation, Drying and Distillation.Glycom

EEiErhverv.Evaporation, Drying and Distillation.Solae

EEiErhverv.Ventilation. Fertin pharma

EEiErhverv.Ventilation. Fibervisions

EEiErhverv.Ventilation. Novo Nordisk

EEiErhverv.Waste Heat.Arla

EEiErhverv.Waste Heat.Scanola

ENS Industry - Cooling, vacuum and compressed air systems - Focus leaflet

ENS Industry - Energy management and employee involvment - Focus leaflet

ENS Industry - Evaporation, drying and distillation - Focus leaflet

ENS Industry - Kilns and melting - Focus leaflet

ENS Industry - LEAN and productivity - Focus leaflet

ENS Industry - Ventilation and extraction systems - Focus leaflet

Publication: Energy Efficiency in Competitive Industry - unlocking the potential of the “first fuel”

Publication: Energy Policy Toolkit for Energy Efficiency in Appliances, Lighting and Equipment*

Publication: Energy Policy Toolkit for Energy Efficiency in New Buildings*

Publication: Energy Policy Toolkit for Energy Efficiency in Industries

Publication: Green Urban Denmark

Publication: Smart Buildings - Combining energy efficiency, flexibility and comfort

Publication: 25 Jahre Erfahrung mit dem Selbsterpflichtungsprogramm für die Großindustrie in Dänemark (In German)

Disclaimer: Please note that these publications are prepared by a previous government and therefore do not necessarily reflect the opinion and priorities of the present government.