Monitoring plans for aviation

All aircraft operators covered by the EU ETS are required to have an approved monitoring plan for annual emissions by January 1st 2010. Operators are to submit their monitoring plans to:

Following the changes to the EU ETS directive in 2009, new rules and regulations have come into force by January 1st 2013 for Phase III of the EU CO2 trading scheme 2013-20. 

Monitoring plans are to be delivered in the standard template from the European Commission 'Template for annual emissions monitoring plan'.

NB. Please submit your monitoring plans in excel format in an e-mail signed with digital signature. If you, as a non-DK operator, don't have a digital signature, you must sign the plans manually, scan them and mail them in PDF format.

As a help in filling out the templates for monitoring plans, the following documents can be downloaded from the European Commission’s website:

  • Guidance on aviation in EU ETS and completion of monitoring plans
  • Filled in exemplar monitoring plan for ton-kilometres
  • Filled in exemplar monitoring plan for annual CO2 emissions
  • Appendix to exemplar MP for annual emissions - text
  • Appendix to the exemplar MP's - data flow

For small emitters (<25.000 t CO2)

Following the Directive small aircraft operators emitting less than 25.000 tonnes of CO2 pr. year or operating less than 243 flights in 3 consecutive periods of 4 months may use a simplified fuel consumption estimation tool, that allows aircraft operators to estimate their fuel consumption on a flight by flight basis. More information and the small emitters tool can be downloaded from Eurocontrols website.


At the EU Commission website a series of guidance documents and templates are available 

The monitoring and reporting regulation

General guidance for Aircraft Operators - regarding monitoring and reporting regulation  

Eurocontrol’s website

Biomass issues in the EU ETS - AVIATION SPECIFIC ASPECTS (see page 20)

Guidance Document The Monitoring and Reporting Regulation – Data flow activities and control system