Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm

Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm is the second offshore wind farm that all political parties have agreed to build in the Energy Agreement of June 2018.

The wind farm is to be placed north of Zealand in Kattegat, in Hesselø Bay, at a distance of 30 km from Sealand and around 20 km from the small island Hesselø.

The tender for Hesselø OWF is currently put on hold due to the results of the preliminary site-investigations, please see the NEWS section below.

The next activity for the project is a technical dialogue between the Danish Energy Agency, Energiet (Danish TSO) and potential bidders. In the section “The Market Dialgues” you’ll find all info related to the dialogue.

Timeline and framework for for Hesselø OWF

June 2020:

Climate Agreement – decisions on site and deadline for full commissioning in 2027 etc.
Was followed by decision on capacity of 800-1,200 MW, landfall, POC in Hovegaard, capacity of maximum 1,000 MW in the POC, etc.


Nov – Dec, 2020

Market Dialogue on Hesselø OWF. The Discussion Paper, which lays out the general framework, can be viewed here

Q2 2021

See political decision on design for support mechanism here and here

Q2 2021

The draft scoping for the SEA for the plan for Hesselø OWF sent for public consultatio


Q2 2021

The tender process for Hesselø OWF was put on hold


Q4 2021

Technical Dialogue on Hesselø OWF on the basis of the geophysical and geotechnical reports and data



Decision on the future of Hesselø OWF after the results of the Technical Dialogue

April 1 2022

Latest expected publication of the results from the preliminary geotechnical, geophysical and marine biological surveys

Q2 2022

Draft SEA of the plan for Hesselø OWF sent out for public consultation together with the draft EIA and the spatial plan for the onshore export facilities


Q3 2022

Approval of the EIA of the onshore export facilities, the EIA and the spatial plan for the onshore export facilities


Q1 2026:


First power / POC ready for receiving 50 % of the power generated from the wind farm (original decision)

Q2 2026:

POC ready for receiving 100 % of the power generated from the wind farm (original decision)


December 31, 2027

Full commissioning of the wind farm (original decision. Originally, the concession owner would have five years from signing the contract to the deadline for full commissioning).


For a general update on the project, please refer for the “News about Hesselø OWF” section below.


Therese Kofoed Jensen
Special Advisor (+45) 3392 6810
Ulrike Clade Christensen
Special Advisor (+45) 3395 4391