Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm

Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm is the second offshore wind farm that all political parties have agreed to build in the Energy Agreement of June 2018.

The wind farm is to be placed north of Zealand in Kattegat, in Hesselø Bay, at a distance of 30 km from Sealand and around 20 km from the small island Hesselø.

The tender for Hesselø OWF is currently put on hold due to the results of the preliminary site-investigations, please see the NEWS section below.

The next activity for the project is a technical dialogue between the Danish Energy Agency, Energiet (Danish TSO) and potential bidders.
In the section “The Market Dialgues” you’ll find all info related to the dialogue.

For a general update on the project, please refer for the “News about Hesselø OWF” section below.


Therese Kofoed Jensen
Special Advisor (+45) 3392 6810
Ulrike Clade Christensen
Special Advisor (+45) 3395 4391