Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm

TO BE UPDATED SOON cf. the new agreement on an alternative location for Hesselø offshore wind farm, see also the NEWS section

Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm is the second offshore wind farm from the Energy Agreement of June 2018. With the Climate Agreement of June 2020 the location for the wind farm was decided, but in order to reduce risk and accommodate conflicting interest in the original area, with the Climate Agreement on Green Power and Heat from June 2022 it was decided to relocate the wind farm a bit south of the original site

The coordinates for the new location of Hesselø OWF are as following

56.4287365258671 11.6647260424074
56.3353572976754 11.9183157106316
56.3233333330001 11.706388889
56.2934722217217 11.6052777785309
56.2934938443093 11.5130199858293
56.3287298312235 11.5482042367355
56.344643623581 11.5641180181218
56.4287365258671 11.6647260424074


For a general update on the project, please refer for the “News about Hesselø OWF” section below.


Therese Kofoed Jensen
Special Advisor (+45) 3392 6810
Charlotte Koldby Nordberg
Special Advisor (+45) 3395 1218