Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm

Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm is the second offshore wind farm that all political parties have agreed to build in the Energy Agreement of June 2018. With the Climate Agreement of June 2020, it was decided to advance the time table of the tender as well at the deadline for when the wind farm has to be in full operation, compared to what had originally been agreed in 2018. It means, that Hesselø OWF now has to be fully commissioned by the end of 2027, which is at the same time as Thor Offshore Wind Farm.  The Danish Energy Agency plans to start the tendering process in 2021, with the announcement of the winner of the tender at the end of 2022.

The wind farm is to be placed north of Sealand in Kattegat, in Hesselø Bay, at a distance of 30 km from Sealand and around 20 km from the small island Hesselø.

Hesselø OWF will have an installed capacity of between 800-1.200 MW and can thus potentially become the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark, depending on the capacity that the winner of the tender chooses to install. 1.000 MW can be delivered to the collective electricity grid.

A time table and further information will follow on this website.

As the process progresses a large number of documents will be made available for download, e.g. relevant tendering material, results of the site-investigations and the environmental studies

In the “News about Hesselø OWF” section below, we will keep you updated when a new document or other information is added to the website.


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