The Market Dialogues

A new market dialogue will be conducted in the fall of 2021. More information will follow.


In December 2020, The Danish Energy Agency and the Danish TSO, Energinet, hosted a market dialogue with possible tenderers and stakeholders. The purpose of the market dialogue was to discuss the following topics:

  • Timetable for Hesselø OWF
  • Conditions for prequalification
  • Support mechanism
  • Penalty for defective performance, guarantee etc.
  • The option of overplanting and adding PtX assets or batteries
  • Co-existence with fisheries
  • Offshore grid connection, onshore facilities and Point of Connection (POC)
  • Environmental assessments
  • MetOcean data
  • Seabed investigations

The market dialogue enabled the participants to give inputs and ask questions on the main topics of the Hesselø OWF tender. Based on the discussion paper “Invitation to dialogue”, the participants were invited to answer the questions stated in the document, but were also welcome to send input related to subjects that were not mentioned in the material. As a summary of the questions and answers from the Dialogues, the DEA has published a “Q&A Report”.

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