Technology Data for Generation of Electricity and District Heating, Energy Storage and Energy Carrier Generation and Conversion

There are currently two Technology Data catalogues - one older from May 2012, with latest updates in 2015, and a new catalogue from August 2016, with latest updates in March 2018 on waste, biomass and fuel cell technologies. Technologies are removed from the 2012 catalogue as they are updated and included in the 2016 catalogue.

The two catalogues are available through the following links:

Technology Data for Energy Plants - August 2016 (Update March 2018) 

Technology Data Catalogue for Energy Plants - Aug 2016. Update October 2017 

Updated data sheets in Excel for each technology are available below: 

Data sheet for Electricity and district heat production . Aug 2016. Latest update March 2018.

Data sheet for Electricity Generation and CHP - Thermal Processes 

Data sheet for Electricity Generation - Non-Thermal Processes 

Data sheet for Heat Generation 

Data sheet for Energy Storage 

Note for updating of technical and financial data for large ground mounted solar PV plants July 2017 (in Danish) 

Note for updating of financial data for offshore wind turbines, June 2017 – external comments incorporated (in Danish)

Note for updating of financial data for coal CHP and DH boilers, May 2017 – external comments incorporated