Technology Data for Generation of Electricity and District Heating

There is currently one combined Technology Data catalogue concerning generation of electricity and district heating.  The catalogue was first published in August 2016, and is updated continuously. Technology descriptions in the previous catalogue from May 2012 have now been included in the catalogue from 2016 although some are not updated since 2015. It is mentioned in the beginning of the specific chapters, when each technology has been updated the last time.

The general process of updating technology descriptions and data sheets are described here:

Memo regarding process and organization of the work with the Danish Technology catalogue

Besides the technology descriptions in the catalogue, notes are composed for Technology Data updates in case they are required to be developed faster than the normal process allows.
The majority of the information in these notes has already been incorporated in the catalogue, but additional information, not included in the catalogue, can be found in the notes.

See the catalogue here:

Technology Data Catalogue for Electricity and district heating production - Aug 2016 (Latest update March 2020) 

Methodological notes of update processes of selected technologies (wind and solar energy) can be found below – note that those updates are outdated and that there are new technology assumptions in the current Technology Catalogue:

Note for updating of technical and financial data for large ground mounted solar PV plants July 2017 (in Danish) 

Note for updating of financial data for offshore wind turbines

Note for updating of financial data for coal CHP and DH boilers, May 2017 – external comments incorporated

Updated data sheets in Excel for each technology are available below: 

Data sheet for Electricity and district heat production. Aug 2016. (Update March 2020)


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