17. April 2024
The fund for negative CO2 emissions (NECCS fund) has been completed, and the Danish Energy Agency has awarded contracts to three companies for new CCS projects. Together, the projects will ensure the capture and storage of 160,350 tonnes of CO2 annually during the period 2026 to 2032. This corresponds to the annual CO2 absorption from approximately 16,000 hectares of forest.
Illustration: Planning and pre-investigation area for Hesseloe Offshore Windfarm.
5. February 2024
Call for remarks on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the plan for Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm (OWF). A public meeting about the consultation material will be held in Gilleleje on 19 March 2024.
Illustration: Offshore Wind farms in Denmark
12. January 2024
Today the Danish Energy Agency is publishing a revised draft of the procurement material for the upcoming of 6 GW of offshore wind, with the option to overplant, for the purpose of an additional market dialogue. The procurements are expected to be opened during the spring of 2024. Certain parts of the draft material are relevant for the procurement of offshore wind at Energy Island Bornholm.
IF23 calls announcements.
20. December 2023
On January 18th, Danish stakeholders are invited to a National Info Day on the recently opened EU Innovation Fund Call and the first EU Innovation Fund Auction.
18. December 2023
The Danish Energy Agency has contributed to the establishment of a new bidding zone that will enter into force with the commissioning of Bornholm Energy Island. The bidding zone is being established on the basis of a structural congestion identified by Energinet in the electricity transmission grid that will connect Bornholm Energy Island with Zealand and Germany.