Economic forecasts

State revenue forecast

Using the DEA’s five-year forecast of production and associated costs, the Ministry of Taxation prepares an estimate of the development in state revenue on the basis of different oil price scenarios. These scenarios are merely intended to illustrate the sensitivity of revenue to oil price fluctuations and do not reflect the expected oil price development.

The future estimates of corporate income tax and hydrocarbon tax payments are subject to uncertainty, including with respect to oil prices, production volumes, the dollar exchange rate and the companies’ finance costs.

Forecast of investments and costs

For the period 2015-2019, investments and costs are expected to total about DKK 51 billion. Investments consist of expenditures for exploration and field developments, while costs break down into transportation and operating costs.

See the DEA’s estimate of developments in investments and operating and transportation costs for the period 2015-2019

Instrument in field developments 2015-2019, DKK million, 2014 prices

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Ongoing and approved 10,715 6,696 2,994 452 34
Justified for development 0 0 512 0 0
risk-weighted contingent resources and technological resources 401 2,768 6,533 10,525 9,314
Total 11,116 9,464 10,038 10,977 9,348


See the number of economic forecasts  and the production forecasts they are prepared on the basis of:

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