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As part of the Energy Agreement 2018, all political parties stood behind a decision to build three new offshore wind farms in Denmark before 2030.

On February 28th 2019, the parties to the Energy Agreement decided that the first of the three offshore wind farms should be located in the North Sea west of Nissum Fjord, and at a distance of min. 20 km from the shore.

The new wind farm is named “Thor” after Thorsminde, the nearest village on the shore of Jutland. The offshore wind farm will have a capacity of min. 800 MW and max. 1.000 MW.

This site will post news and documents related to the tender process for the Thor offshore wind farm.

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Read fact sheet about Thor offshore wind farm

On 13 May, the DEA and the Danish TSO, Energinet, hosted a technical dialogue on site-investigations for the Thor site, where relevant stakeholders participated.

Read press release about dialogue on site-investigations

Download Program for Technical dialogue on site-investigations

Presentations from Technical dialogue on site-investigations

Introduction: Technical dialogue on site-investigations for Thor offshore wind farm tender

Program for seabed investigations


Environmentat Investigations

Fine-screening of the Danish sea territory for the establishment of new offshore wind farms

On behalf of the DEA, COWI A/S has done a screening of four areas located at the North Sea (near Ringkøbing), Hesselø, Jammerbugt and Kriegers Flak.

The screening confirms that it is possible to build offshore wind farms in all the four surveyed areas in relation to aspects concerning nature, environment and planning. However, there are parts of the surveyed areas which need further data-collection and assessments, not the least bird-surveys. The screening also delivers an overview of the economic ranking of the four areas based on LCOE.

Fine-screening of the sea-territory for the establishment of new offshore wind (in Danish)

Appendix A – Seabed and geological conditions (in Danish)

Appendix B – Environmental screening (in Danish)

Appendix C – Wind resource, layouts and energy production (in Danish)

Appendix D – Electrical transmission (in Danish)

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