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License for pre-investigation concerning Thor offshore wind farm


On the27th June 2019 the Danish Energy Agency has granted Energinet the licence for pre-investigation concerning Thor offshore wind farm. The licence is valid until the 1st of April 2021. The DEA has also determined that the pre-investigations will not have a significant impact on the environment and do not require an environmental impact assessment (EIA). The main project itself does require environmental assessment and will consequently undergo environmental assessment in the near future, including hearings with citizens and stakeholders. The licence for pre-investigation does not allow for the establishment of wind turbines per se. Moreover, it has not been decided whether wind turbines can be established in the area.

Again on the 29th November, 2019 the Danish Energy Agency has granted Energinet a supplementary licence for pre-investigation. The licence is valid until the 31st of December 2020. This supplementary licence cover investigations, that wasen´t included in the licence from the27th June 2019.

It is possible to launch an appeal concerning the DEA decision, referring to § 66 of the Renewable Energy Act (VE-loven). Such an appeal must be launched with the Danish Energy Appeal Board, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg. The appeal should be launched in writing within 4 weeks after the license has been granted. The license cannot be used prior to the expiration of the 4-week period. 

Download the license (in Danish)

Supplementary license (in Danish)

Application for licence (in Danish)

Supplementary application for licence (In Danish)

Fine-screening of the Danish sea territory for the establishment of new offshore wind farms

On behalf of the DEA, COWI A/S has done a screening of four areas located at the North Sea (near Ringkøbing), Hesselø, Jammerbugt and Kriegers Flak.

The screening confirms that it is possible to build offshore wind farms in all the four surveyed areas in relation to aspects concerning nature, environment and planning. However, there are parts of the surveyed areas which need further data-collection and assessments, not the least bird-surveys. The screening also delivers an overview of the economic ranking of the four areas based on LCOE.

Fine-screening of the sea-territory for the establishment of new offshore wind (in Danish)

Appendix A – Seabed and geological conditions (in Danish)

Appendix B – Environmental screening (in Danish)

Appendix C – Wind resource, layouts and energy production (in Danish)

Appendix D – Electrical transmission (in Danish)

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