Thor Market dialogues

On 25 November 2019 The Danish Energy Agency and the Danish TSO, Energinet, hosted a market dialogue conference with possible tenderers and stakeholders. You can find information about the market dialogue below. Also, you can find information about the marked dialogue conference that DEA and Energinet hosted on 13 May 2019. 

25 November 2019: Market dialogue on tender process

The purposes of the market dialog conference were to consider the timetable for the tendering process, conditions for prequalification, award criteria and financial terms, process for environmental assessments and issues concerning grid connection.

Q&A report on Thor market dialogue

The presentations and other material from the market dialog conference are available here:

Opening Remark

Aim of the dialogue

Subsidy scheme and award criteria

Environmental assessments

Environmental permits and planning consents

Grid connection

Invitation to Market Dialogue on Thor tender

Marketing material for Thor tender

13 May 2019: Technical dialogue on site-investigations

The purpose of this technical dialogue was to discuss the scope and depth of the planned site-investigations with interested developers and technical experts.

Read press release about dialogue on site-investigations

Download Program for Technical dialogue on site-investigations

Read results of the dialogue on Thor Site investigations, workshop Q & A

Presentations from Technical dialogue on site-investigations:

Introduction: Technical dialogue on site-investigations for Thor offshore wind farm tender

Program for seabed investigations


Environmentat Investigations

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