Preliminary investigations

In relation to the tendering of Thor Offshore Wind Farm, a range of preliminary investigations and environmental assessments are being carried out.
Results in the form of reports from the completed investigations can be accessed directly here at this site. All results from the preliminary investigations etc. are targeted potential bidders for Thor.

Results from preliminary investigations as well as data

Below you can find the list of all investigations to be carried out including notes describing the reports. Included in the list the timing of the publishing of the reports is mentioned. Click here to read the notes.


ID Delieverable Date Note
101 Lidar-measurements Continously, latest data medium 202 Note 7
102 Report on wind resources (Mesoscale)
The background data for #102 are confidential and requires an NDA.
2021 Mar Note 8

Report on Ocean data (Hindcast)
The background data for #103 are confidential and requires an NDA.

Metocean report

Wind conditions for a light site conditions assessment

Overview delivery of data and reports

Description of measurement datasets

Dnvgl statement of feasibility

Dnvgl certification report

Published Note 9


Environmental assessments and permits 

ID Delieverable Date Note
201 Scoping of SEA for Thor OWE (afgrænsningsudtalelse) Published Note 10
202 Scoping of EIA of the land-based project for Thor OWF (afgrænsningsudtalelse) Published Note 11
203 Municipal plan (kommuneplan-tillæg) and local plan (lokalplan) for expansion of Idomlund substation agreed and published (Planning consent for extension of Idomlund sub-station approved and made public) Published Note 23

Municipal plan (kommuneplan-tillæg) and local plan (lokalplan) for nearshore substation at Volder Mark agreed and published (Planning consents for new Volder Mark sub-station approved and made public)

Summary record of the meeting in Lemvig Municipality May 26 2021 (in Danish)

Published Note 12
205 Environmental report (SEA) for the plan for Thor OSW (SEA report for Thor OWF) 2021 Feb Note 13


EIA report for the land-based project submitted Published Note 14
207 EIA permit for land-based project obtained 2021 Aug Note 15

SEA summary statement (in Danish)

Appendix hearing note idea-phase (in Danish)

Note on narrowing down Thor site (in Danish)

Map of Thor site 

Coordinates Thor site 

Published Note 24


Technical reports and reports on environment

ID Delieverable  Date Note
209 Birds Published Note 1
210 Marine mammals Published Note 16
211 (Sea) Bottom fauna and flora
Published Note 17

Visibility analyses 
(in Danish)

Published Note 18
213 Assessment of safety of navigation Published Note 19
214 Radio links and radar Published Note 20

Fish and fish populations

Commercial fisheries

Published Note 21
216 Underwater noise Published Note 22


Seabed investigations 

ID Delieverable Date Note
  Geophysical survey    
301 - Geophysical survey report, wind farm site Published Note 1
302 - Export cables routes survey report  Published Note 1
303 - Hydrographical report, wind farm site Published Note 2
304 - Hydrographical report, export cable routes Published Note 3
305 Marine archaeology Thor 
Marine geoarchaeaology Thor 
Marine Archeaology Target list
Published Note 4
306 UXO risk assessment report Published Note 1
  Geotechnical investigations    
307 - Geological desk study Published Note 1
308 - Geotechnical investigation report, main rapport

Geotechnical investigation, A.01-A.04

Geotechnical investigation, B.01-B08

Geotechnical investigation, C.01-C.03

Geotechnical investigation, D.01-D.08 (Part 1)

Geotechnical investigation, D.01-D.08 (Part 2)


Published Note 5

Geomodel report with appendices

Overview maps


Model layers DBS

Model layers Isopach

Cross sections

Seismic Int gas organic

Published Note 6
310 Desk study: Metocean weather windows Published Note 1
311 Landfall HDD - Geotechnical investigations Published No note




Anette Norling
Chief Advisor (+45) 3392 6735