The Danish Energy Agency cooperates with Colombia on a green energy transition

The Danish Energy Agency cooperates with Colombia on a green energy transition

Denmark and Colombia cooperate on diversifying Colombia’s electricity mix and creating the building blocks for a new offshore wind sector.

Areas of cooperation

  • Energy planning/modelling
  • Off shore wind energy development

Colombia’s Just Energy transition - and how Danish experiences can contribute to the green transition

Colombia is an ambitious climate frontrunner in South America, with a high electricity production from hydropower. However, due to the increasing number of droughts in the country, Colombia continues to produce a high volume of electricity from coal. Colombia has a vision for a Just Energy Transition, and aims to shift the focus from coal and hydro to more variable energy sources, in particular offshore wind since the country’s north coast alone has a technical potential of more than 100 gigawatt offshore wind.

Denmark’s more than 40 years of experience with green transition creates the foundation for the  cooperation with Colombia. It covers, among other things, long-term energy planning, knowledge sharing on legislative aspects, and strategies for the inclusion of local communities, public consultation processes, and job creation. The goal is to help Colombia capitalize on the country's enormous potential for offshore wind and improve the framework for the integration of renewable energy.

Cooperation between Danish and Colombian authorities

The programme is being implemented in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as other relevant institutions in Colombia.

As part of the cooperation, an energy advisor is based at the Danish Embassy in Bogotá, to act as a link between the Colombian partners and the Danish Energy Agency.


Mikkel Kamp Hansen
Team Leader (+45) 3395 0976