The Danish Energy Agency and the Danish Embassy in Paris are working together to share Danish experience with offshore wind to French energy authorities.

The French government has launched “France Relance” - a €100 billion recovery plan - that contains a green growth track with funds to secure CO2 reductions, investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings and industry. 

The massive French investments in green energy technology can lead to new opportunities for Danish companies that have a stronghold within these solutions. From 2015 to 2021, the Danish export to France increased by 37 percent and today France is Denmark's eighth largest export market. 

France has a target of 40 gigawatt offshore wind in operation by 2050, which corresponds to the establishment of approx. 50 new offshore wind farms by 2050. Denmark has more than 30 years of experience in regulating offshore wind, and French authorities have requested, among other things, Danish expertise in environment and network planning, tender design for future offshore wind farms and dialogue with key stakeholders.

The energy cooperation between the Danish and French authorities is part of the Energy Governance Partnership (EGP) and has a focus on improving the regulatory framework within offshore wind. As part of the program, an energy adviser is posted at the Danish Embassy in Paris.


Jacob Byskov Spangsberg
Team Leader (+45) 3395 5133