The Baltic States

Green energy transition in the Baltic region

The Baltic Sea Region has a large potential for wind energy and there is strong growing interest from both governments and companies to develop offshore wind energy in the region. The potential for offshore wind is estimated to 93 gigawatt in 2050 (according to BEMIP (Baltic energy market interconnection plan)), which would make the Baltic Sea the second largest basin for offshore wind power after the North Sea. The Marienborg Declaration signed in 2022 by all eight countries around the Baltic Sea recognises the potential and sets ambitions for 19.6 GW by 2030, seven times the current capacity.

In order to reach these offshore wind targets, the governments will focus on strengthening regulatory framework conditions for developing offshore wind and securing both grid infrastructures and local acceptance, e.g. through job creation.

Cooperation areas

The cooperation between the Danish Energy Agency and the authorities of the Baltic States focusses on exchanging knowhow, lessons learnt and experiences within offshore wind.


Jacob Byskov Spangsberg
Team Leader (+45) 3395 5133