Areas of cooperation:

  • Energy planning/modelling

  • Wind energy development

  • Integration of renewable energy (Energinet)

Ethiopia’s energy transition - and how Danish experiences can contribute to its green transition

The Ethiopian government wants to diversify its energy mix to –reduce dependency on hydropower and also has ambitious targets for creating access to electricity towards 2030. 

This requires detailed long-term energy planning and subsequently development of conducive framework conditions and regulation to attract investments in e.g. wind and solar. Simultaneously, The Danish Transmission System Operator, Energinet, will assist the power system operator in creating a more stable and efficient power infrastructure. 

Denmark has more than 50 years’ experience with the successful transition to fluctuating renewable energy sources while ensuring a stable and flexible energy system. The Danish experience is expected to contribute to improved regulatory frameworks and supporting energy planning scenarios for developing a cost-effective energy system in Ethiopia. 

Cooperation between Danish and Ethiopian authorities

Denmark and Ethiopia have cooperated on the green energy transition since 2016 through a series of programmes, namely Advancing Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia (2017-2022) and the Strategic Sector Cooperation on Energy (2020-2023). In July 2023, a new five year programme was initiated – Danish-Ethiopian Energy Partnership (DEEP) aimed at strengthening the work on energy planning, development of wind energy, and integration of renewable energy in the power system.

The Danish partners are the Danish embassy in Addis Ababa, the Danish Energy Agency, and Energinet. The Ethiopian partners are the Ministry of Water and Energy of Ethiopia, Ethiopia Electric Power and Ethiopia Electric Utility.

The programme is financed until June 2028.

Read more about the Danish-Ethiopian cooperation in the below publication.

Stephan Skare Enevoldsen
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