There is a great potential for a comprehensive green transition that ensures, among other things, Ukraine's integration with the European electricity grid, a large expansion of renewable energy and ambitious energy efficiency improvements.

The focus of the cooperation between Denmark and Ukraine is furthermore to secure the country's energy supply, and to prepare for integration into the EU.

Areas of cooperation: 

  • Integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid
  • Long term energy modelling
  • Energy efficiency
  • District heating
  • Wind power

Energy transition - and how Danish experiences can contribute to its green transition

Denmark and Ukraine have cooperated on energy since 2014. Due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the efforts of the cooperation have been restructured to also deliver emergency technical assistance and more than 150 tonnes of energy equipment has been sent directly to Ukraine from Danish companies.

In September 2023, the new work program for UDEPP was approved by the Steering Committee. The long-term work streams were resumed and the cooperation between the authorities was expanded with projects within onshore and offshore wind, long-term energy planning, integration of renewable energy, district heating, and energy efficiency. All areas in which Denmark have core competencies and which are central to Ukraine's reconstruction. 

The Ukrainian partners have high ambitions on the green agenda. The most important are security of supply and energy independence as well as green restructuring of the energy sector, decentralization, and harmonization with the EU's electricity grid and market.

Cooperation between Danish and Ukrainian authorities

Ukrainian partners include Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Infrastructure, State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, as well as Ukrenergo (TSO). Danish partner institutions include Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and Energinet (TSO).

The energy cooperation is financed via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Danish-Eastern Neighbourhood Program (DANEP). The current phase of the cooperation – Ukraine-Denmark Energy Partnership Program (UDEPP) – runs from 2021 until 2026 and is anchored in the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Infrastructure.

Frederikke Laursen
Team leader (+45) 3395 0841