The Danish Energy Agency's governmental cooperation with Ukraine is affected by the critical situation in Ukraine. The Danish Energy Agency is available to our Ukrainian partners, with part of the programme funds being repurposed to provide emergency technical and financial support to the partners in Ukraine. A first financial donation to support the critical needs for equipment and materials in the energy sector has been made through the newly established Ukraine Energy Support Fund by the Energy Community Secretariat. Additionally, technical assistance is provided to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine through a local UDEPP programme office in L’viv,  with the aim of operating and thereby maintaining control over the critical functions of the energy system in the short-term, as well as enabling recovery and reconstruction in the medium-term. In parallel, the Danish Energy Agency is working with the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on how Denmark, in the best possible manner, can offer further emergency assistance to Ukraine's energy sector.

Energistyrelsens myndighedssamarbejde med Ukraine er påvirket af den kritiske situation i landet. Energistyrelsen står fortsat til rådighed for vores ukrainske samarbejdspartnere med teknisk assistance i det omfang, det efterspørges af dem. En første økonomisk donation til at støtte det kritiske behov for udstyr og materialer i energisektoren er blevet givet gennem den nyoprettede ”Ukraine Energy Support Fund af Energy Community Secretariat”. Derudover ydes teknisk bistand til Ukraines energiministerium gennem et lokalt UDEPP-programkontor i L'viv. Formålet er at drive og derved bevare kontrollen over energisystemets kritiske funktioner på kort sigt, samt muliggøre genopretning og genopbygning på mellemlang sigt. Sideløbende arbejder Energistyrelsen sammen med Klima-, Energi- og Forsyningsministeriet og Udenrigsministeriet om, hvordan Danmark bedst muligt kan tilbyde yderligere nødhjælp til Ukraines energisektor.


The aim of the cooperation is to support Ukraine in the country’s NDC goals under the Paris Agreement and in the achievement of the UN SDG7 and SDG13 targets. Danish experiences will serve as inspiration for the Ukrainian energy authorities with a focus on long term energy planning, renewable energy integration, energy efficiency in industry, and district heating.


Ukraine has a population of about 43 million inhabitants and is the second largest country in Europe. According to the International Energy Agency, Ukraine also has a very high energy intensity, the second highest in the region and above twice as high as the world average. Ukraine is therefore one of Europe's largest energy markets.

The energy mix in Ukraine is currently dominated by nuclear power, coal and gas, thus increasing the country's reliance on imports. Since 2015, the country has focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diversifying its energy supply. Energy security and the efficient and sustainable use of energy sources are therefore key focus areas for further development of the Ukrainian energy system.

Energy experts from the Danish Energy Agency will contribute to this development through advice, technical assistance and peer-to-peer learning in a number of areas. This includes:

  • Strategic long-term energy planning and policy
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Energy efficiency in industry, heat and power generation
  • Modernization of district heating system


The Ukrainian-Danish government cooperation on energy was established in 2014. As the collaboration continues, there will be a focus on strengthening the environment for sustainable energy solutions and technologies based on Danish expertise and technical assistance, as well as opening up opportunities for companies working with green energy. This allows for political dialogue and recommendations on regulatory frameworks that can provide strategic benefits and mutual commitments towards a sustainable transformation of the Ukrainian energy system.

  • The Ukrainian-Danish government cooperation on energy was established in 2014 and is implemented by the Danish Energy Agency, in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainan partners are Ministry of Energy and Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine.
  • The cooperation and the activities is financed by the Danish Neighbourhood Program (DANEP) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the thematic pillar on Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth.
  • The new phase of the cooperation runs from 2021-2026 and have a budget of 60 million DKK ~ 9,6 million USD

Ukranian-Danish Cooperation

Giada Venturini
Advisor (+45) 3392 7611