The aim of the Polish-Danish energy cooperation is to contribute to a greener heat supply and support Poland’s effort within offshore wind.

Poland is facing major changes within energy policy and planning. Denmark has experiences that can inspire the Polish energy transition - especially in the field of district heating where Danish expertise is highly valued by the Polish partners.   

Poland has adopted the ambitious energy and climate action plan "Energy Policy of Poland until 2040", and the country aims to phase out coal gradually with a reduction in energy production from 70 per cent today to 12 per cent in 2040 and a total phase out of coal and closure of coal mines in 2049. The country also has an ambition to install 5.9 gigawatt offshore wind by 2030 and 18 gigawatt by 2040.  To support these ambitious targets Denmark is offering its historical expertise through the Polish Offshore Deal. 

The potential for green district heating in Poland is great since 16.5 million of the country's almost 38 million inhabitants are connected to a district heating system. Denmark has more than 40 years of experience with expanding district heating and converting district heating to renewable energy. Therefore, the Danish experiences can play an important role in the Polish transition.

The energy cooperation with Poland is part of the Energy Governance Partnership (EGP) and runs from 2021-2023. As part of the program, an energy adviser is posted at the Danish Embassy in Warsaw.     


Jacob Byskov Spangsberg
Team Leader (+45) 3395 5133