E-learning WG 1

The online seminar between DEA and NIWE on the Danish Offshore Wind Development is part of the programme activities of the Indo-Danish Centre of Excellence – Working Group 1 on “ Spatial planning and Permitting Process”. The overall aim is to advance the offshore wind sector in India between the Danish Energy Agency and NIWE.

The online seminar will cover in details methods and procedures used by DEA to deploy offshore wind projects from concept inception to project execution. The main objective of this online seminar is that Indian partners will consolidate their awareness and knowledge on:

  • The global benefits and importance of offshore wind power
  • Danish procedures and tools for offshore wind spatial planning, screening process and site identification
  • Danish one-stop-shop model for offshore wind
  • The overall implementation process of a Danish offshore wind farm project

The seminar runs over the course of 1 week and it is divided in 4 sessions. At the end, a Live Q&A is organized, in which DEA staff and specialists will be available for answering questions and engaging in further discussions. The Live Q&A session will be hosted on Skype for Business and DEA will share in advance with the participants the contact details to dial-in.

Danish Offshore Wind Development

  • Session 1 - Global benefits and importance of offshore wind power
  • Session 2 - Danish procedures for offshore wind spatial planning and site identification
  • Session 3 - Danish one-stop-shop model for offshore wind
  • Session 4 - A case study for a Danish offshore wind farm tender

Live Q&A session on June 24th from 14:00 to 15:30 IST / 10:30 – 12:00 CEST