The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the South African electricity public utility ESKOM are currently engaged on knowledge sharing about large integration of renewable generation in the grid. The aim of the project is to gain insights on the constraints and distribution network operation of the South African Power system, as it begin to experience increased levels of variable, distributed generation and an increase in RE IPPs.

The main objective of this online workshop is to have knowledge sharing between Denmark and South Africa to gain theoretical knowledge and practical calculation of technical losses in power networks with very high levels of RE generation.

The online workshop runs over the course of 2 weeks and is divided in two parts composed of 3 sessions each week. At the end of each part, a Live Q&A session is organized, in which associated specialists and experts will be available for answering questions and engaging in further discussions. The Live Q&A session will be hosted on MS Teams and the connecting link will be shared in advance with the participants.

Part 1

Session 1

  • Introduction to power system losses
  • Introduction about loss calculation methodology
  • Basic theory behind power system losses
  • Simple exercise in Power Factory

Session 2

  • Background – networks with high level of renewables – benchmarking
  • Distributed generation and its impact on power system losses
  • Exercise/discussion on challenges and solutions

Session 3

  • 11 kV Power Factory study case: how the loss pattern changes with increased SSEG

Duration: 7-11 September 2020

Live Q&A session on Monday September 14th from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST/SAST.

Part 2

Session 4  

  • 11 kV Power Factory study case: dynamic iterative loss calculation method

Session 5

  • 132 kV Power Factory study case – how the loss pattern is affected by changes in power flow direction as the traditional top-down system is challenged

Session 6

  • Review on loss calculation procedures and tools
  • Review note D1.1 with gap analysis

Duration: 14-18 September 2020

Live Q&A session on Monday September 21th from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST/SAST.

For any questions and clarifications, on the content or on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact Mikael Andersson (MikaelB.Andersson@sweco.se) or Mattia Baldini (mbal@ens.dk).