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News about Thor

The latest news about the Thor tendering process is posted in this section. Relevant reports mentioned in the news in this section will be posted under their dedicated theme below.

The Danish Energy Agency publishes answers to questions raised in relation to the Prior Information Notice of 31 March 2020.


In English:

The Q&A report provides answers to questions raised concerning the Prior Information Notice (PIN) published by the Danish Energy Agency on 31 March 2020. As is the case for the PIN, any answers provided in this Q&A report are non-binding. It will be the tender material and the Contract Notice to be published in Q3 2020, which will provide the binding conditions for the tendering of Thor Offshore Wind Farm. The Q&A-report can be found here.

På dansk:

Energistyrelsen offentliggør svar på spørgsmål rejst i forbindelse med forhåndsmeddelelse offentliggjort 31. marts 2020

Den offentliggjorte “spørgsmål-svar-rapport” giver svar på en række spørgsmål stillet i forbindelse med den forhåndsmeddelelse, som Energistyrelsen offentliggjorde 31. marts 2020. Forhåndsmeddelelsen er en forløber for den egentlige udbudsbekendtgørelse for udbuddet af Thor Havvindmøllepark, som forventes offentliggjort i 3. kvartal 2020.  Som det er et tilfældet med forhåndsmeddelelsen er svarene afgivet i spørgsmål-svar-rapporten ikke bindende, idet det vil være den endelige udbudsbekendtgørelse, som vil indeholde de bindende konditioner for udbuddet af Thor Havvindmøllepark. Spørgsmål-svar-rapporten kan findes her.

The Danish Energy Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency launches a 5-week public hearing concerning environmental assessments related to Thor Offshore Wind Farm


The DEA and the EPA launches a 5-week hearing concerning the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the plan for Thor Offshore Wind Farm as well as the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the land-based part of the project, which is to be built by Energinet, the Danish TSO. The public hearing, which is an early public consultation in the scoping phase, runs from 24th April to 12 noon 29th May 2020. As part of the hearing, approximately 5,600 local landowners and relevant organizations have received a letter concerning the hearing. All relevant hearing material, information on how to submit inputs to the hearing, etc. is available. Find the material (in Danish). The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the offshore-based part of the project will take place in the period 2022-24, when the winner of the tender for establishing Thor Offshore Wind Farm has been appointed. The DEA is the responsible authority for the SEA of the plan for Thor Offshore Wind Farm while the EPA is the responsible authority for the EIA of the land-based project.

The Danish Energy Agency publishes notice on Thor-tender on EU Tenders Electronic Daily (TED)


The Danish Energy Agency has today published a so-called prior information notice on EU´s platform for public procurement, Tenders Electronic Daily (TED). The purpose of this notice is to inform the market as widely as possible about the forthcoming tendering of Thor Offshore Wind Farm.

The notice is non-binding, and is primarily an opportunity for market players to make adequate preparations for the forthcoming tendering process. The notice will be followed by a binding contract notice, which officially will launch the tendering process and pre-qualification process. The publication of the contract notice together with the complete tender conditions is planned for Q3 2020.

The prior information notice informs about a range of important details such as the size and nature of the project, contract value, geographical location, subsidy scheme, pre-qualification criteria, etc. These details play an important role for who will be able to bid for Thor, and who wish to participate in bidding for Thor. In case some bidders wish to, or see it necessary to, form consortia or use certain suppliers, one of the main aims of the prior information notice is for them to start the building of such necessary consortia.

Together with the prior information notice, a set of supporting documents are published on the tendering process, participation in the tender, the subsidy scheme and award criteria as well as an overview of all available background material on the tender.

The prior information notice and supporting documents for the tender

Q&A concerning the prior information notice open until 24 April 2020

It is possible to raise written questions to the prior information notice for a limited period of time until 24 April 2020 by sending any questions to Questions and answers will be published ongoing on the Thor website.

New timing of the grid connection for Thor offshore wind farm


As outlined in the Energy Agreement of 2018, Thor shall be grid connected in the period 2024-2027.

As part of the market dialogue held on Thor,  a majority of market players made it clear that they would not be able to grid connect Thor until Q1 2025, thus emphasizing that the planned grid connection for Q2 2024 would be needless.  In order to optimize the possibilities for cost savings, it has been decided to provide the Danish TSO, Energinet, with the flexibility to adjust the grid connection to Q1 2025, should this be the most advantageous considering the need for connecting land based renewable production capacity to the grid (see also related news on selecting northern landfall for Thor the grid connection).

The adjustment of the grid connection does not change the overall plans for Thor, which is scheduled to be fully commissioned by the end of 2027.

Thor and any Danish CO2-reductions will not be delayed, and the adjustments to the time-table is purely a direct consequence of the market dialogue. The market dialogue had a primary objective of ensuring that the tender conditions provide the lowest possible bid prices and thus the lowest possible cost for the green transition of the Danish economy. Adjustments based on input from the market dialogue has been an explicit principle in the political negotiations about the tender, and is a central element of the Danish model for offshore wind, which has proved its worth in this situation.

Northern landfall selected for Thor grid connection


Energinet and the Danish Energy Agency has decided that the export cables from Thor Offshore Wind Farm will have its landfall at Tuskær north of Nissum Fjord. Accordingly, the possibility for a landfall south of Nissum Fjord has been cancelled.

This decision is primarily based on considerable cost savings to be realized by grid connecting north of Nissum Fjord, where the planned nearshore substation can serve both the Thor grid connection and up to 400 MW PV-solar installations planned in the area. Thus, the substation will serve 1.400 MW installed renewable energy.

In addition to this, the preliminary environmental site-investigations has proved that there are certain environmental advantages for using the northern landfall. Fewer landowners and neighbors will be affected. There will be fewer archaeological occurrences. The need for crossing streams will be smaller, and shorter stretches with forest etc. will be affected. Finally, a parcel has been identified in the north, where the view to the substation will be limited, while a substation located in the south would cause more disturbance in terms of the landscape and proximity to neighbors. 

The Danish Energy Agency publishes answers raised in the market dialogue on Thor Offshore Wind Farm


To follow up on the market dialogue on Thor Offshore Wind Farm held in November 2019, the Danish Energy Agency now publishes answers to questions raised as part of the dialogue on the tender procedures.

The published questions and answers clarify a range of issues in the tender, hereunder about the time-table, the process for environmental assessments, the subsidy scheme, the capacity for the wind farm, the grid connection, prequalification, etc.:
Q&A report on Thor market dialogue.

There are some questions, which remains to be answered, and which will be published in the coming period at the Thor-website and through the Thor-newsletter.

Presentations from the Market Dialogue on 25 November 2019 are now available


The Danish Energy Agency thanks all who participated in the successful market dialogue conference on 25 November 2019. The purposes of the market dialogue conference were to consider the timetable for the tendering process, conditions for prequalification, award criteria and financial terms, process for environmental assessments and issues concerning grid connection.

You are welcome to send questions regarding the Thor Offshore Wind Farm until December 6 2019  at

The questions and answers will be anonymized and made public on in January 2020.

The presentations and other material from the market dialogue conference are available in the section “Thor Market Dialogues

Detailed material for the Market Dialogue on 25 Nov


The Danish Energy Agency and Energinet publishes detailed material concerning central elements and questions, which will be discussed with the market players at the market dialogue on 25 Nov 2019 in Copenhagen.

Read more about the market dialogue and find the detailed material here:

Thor Market Dialogues

Press releases

  • See also the press release about the dialogue material here 
  • The political parties has reached an agreement concerning the subsidy scheme for Thor Offshore Wind Farm, which is a first step on the way towards a subsidy free future for offshore wind, read more here (in Danish only)

Program and marketing material for 25 Nov Market Dialogue published


The Danish Energy Agency and Energinet publishes the program for the Market Dialogue on the Thor Offshore Wind Farm tendering procedure to be held 25 November 2019 in Copenhagen. At the same time, marketing material describing the Thor-project and related timetable and tender process is published.

Read more about the market dialogue 

Baseline surveys regarding marine bird distribution at the Thor site


Study 1: Number and distribution of birds in and around two potential offshore wind farm areas in the Danish North Sea and Kattegat (DCE, 2019)

The Danish Energy Agency requested a total of ten surveys of birds conducted in two areas of interest in the North Sea and in Kattegat, five surveys in each area. The surveys were conducted as aerial line transect surveys from December 2018 until April 2019. This publication reports the findings of the surveys. Relevant bird species for each of the two areas are described, and thematic maps are presented.

Number and distribution of birds – DCE Report 2019

Study 2: Site selection for offshore wind farms in Danish waters Investigations of bird distribution and abundance (DHI, 2019)

In connection with the Danish Energy Agency's screening for new areas for development of offshore wind farms, four gross areas have been identified for the upcoming 800 MW offshore wind farms, consisting of the areas Thor/Ringkøbing (North Sea), Jammerbugt, Hesselø and Krieger’s Flak. As part of the screening, this report provides reviews and analyses of existing knowledge of bird occurrence in the four areas with the aim to strengthen the basis for decision-making for the location of future offshore wind farms. The key species investigated in the four areas are: Ringkøbing/Thor and Jammerbugt: Red-/Black-throated Diver, Common Scoter.

Site selection – Investigation of bird distribution and abundance 

New approach for completing environmental assessments for Thor offshore wind farm is being launched


Read the press release

Invitation to market dialogue on the tendering process and results from Q&A


Invitation to market dialogue on the tendering process for Thor Offshore wind farm published. Moreover, results from Q&A-process on technical dialogue on site investigations held 13th May 2019 published.

Read invitation to market dialogue in English

Read invitation to market dialogue in Danish

Read results of the dialogue on Thor Site investigations, workshop Q and A

Technical dialogue on site-investigations held in Copenhagen