Danish Energy Agency cooperates with Brazil on green transition

Danish Energy Agency cooperates with Brazil on green transition

Denmark and Brazil cooperate on diversifying Brazils electricity mix and their acceleration of a just energy transition.

Areas of cooperation

  • Energy planning/modelling
  • Wind energy development

Brazil’s Energy transition - and how Danish experiences can contribute to its green transition

Brazil has launched an ambitious climate policy for a so-called "sustainable re-industrialization". This includes, among other things, stopping deforestation and the countries’ just energy transition.

Due to the increasing amount of droughts in recent years, Brazil is focusing on reducing its dependence on hydropower by integrating more variable energy sources.

The conditions for offshore wind in Brazil are considered to be among the best in the world due to high, stable wind speeds and low water levels. However, the country has no experience with offshore wind.

Being frontrunner in the green transition of power systems, Denmark is cooperating with Brazil to facilitate a successful integration of renewable energy, mainly through studies on key technologies.

Cooperation between Danish and Brazilian authorities

Denmark and Brazil have cooperated on the green energy since 2021, which in 2023 was expanded to a long-term strategic sector cooperation led by the Danish Energy Agency. The programme is implemented in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as relevant institutions in Brazil.

As part of the cooperation, a long-term energy advisor is stationed at the Danish embassy in Brasília, to act as a link between the Brazilian partners and the Danish Energy Agency.

Mette Strand Gjerløff
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