The aim of the programme is to make power generation cleaner, cheaper and more available, ultimately improving life quality and living standards of all Egyptians. The cooperation seeks to ensure that both technical aspects as well as political frameworks are put in place to ensure an efficient and sustainable green energy transition.

Areas of cooperation:

  • Long-term planning and energy system modelling
  • Integration of renewable energy
  • Wind resource assessments
  • Energy efficiency

Egypt’s ambitious green energy strategy

Egypt has pledged to cut its emissions by almost 50 million tonnes CO2 annually by 2030. Such transformation requires the implementation of new policies and significant changes in both planning and operation of the power system.

In order to reach its ambitious goals, Egypt must increase the share of renewable energy. Currently Egypt aims to have 42 % of its electricity produced from renewable sources by 2030. An increase of this magnitude necessitates the development of new policies and implementation of operational changes in the power system to accommodate such large share of variable renewable energy in the energy mix. 

As a world leader in green transition of power systems, Denmark plays a key role when building the capacities required to develop a power market that supports the integration of renewables in the Egyptian power system. 

Strategic Sector Cooperation

The Danish-Egyptian energy cooperation is led by the Danish Energy Agency supported by the Royal Danish Embassy in Cairo and the Danish transmission system operator, Energinet. On the Egyptian side, the partnership is governed by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy and its affiliates, the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, the Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Agency and the Egyptian Energy Regulator.

A Danish senior energy sector counsellor is posted at the embassy to coordinate and liaise with Egyptian stakeholders and multilateral organisations. The program is financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC), initiated in 2020 and is currently planned to run until 2027.


Helge Rosenberg
Team leader (+45) 3395 0673