With a growing population and expanding economy, Turkey has the highest projected rise in energy demand out of all the International Energy Agency’s 29 member states. This increases the need for importing fossil fuels, because Turkey lacks energy resources.  

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) will help Turkey meet its climate commitments, improve economic competitiveness and bolster its energy security through a three-year Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) programme. The SSC programme is embedded in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with technical support from different ministries and agencies in Denmark. 

Towards Turkey’s low carbon economy

The partnership on energy is facilitated through a government-to-government collaboration around areas where Denmark has decade’s worth of experience.

The overall objective of the programme is to

  • assist the Turkish government in developing relevant policies, strategies and solutions to enable a low carbon transition of their energy sector. 
  • achieve the governments’ long term objectives for energy efficiency and district heating. 
  • and increase the capacity of implementation of planned new legislation on heat supply. 

The programme will also seek to positively influence consumer prices, give access to clean energy and bolster economic competitiveness.    

DEA has identified the following areas where Danish experiences can support the Turkish government’s low carbon transition objectives.

  • Support the Ministry of Energy and National Resources’ revision of heating legislation and district heating regulation.

Close collaboration between Denmark and Turkey 

Turkey and Denmark have a Memorandum of Understanding focusing on energy cooperation. This agreement will be augmented with joint working groups, a high-level Steering Committee and a mutually agreed upon work programme for a three-year period, which will spell out the commitments of the Turkish and Danish governments.

The specific areas of cooperation has been agreed upon in March 2017. The programme will be carried out in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and the Danish Foreign Ministry. 

The Danish-Turkish Cooperation